Black Forest Piano Tuning & Repair

Professional piano tuning, repair & refurbishing. Covering El Paso, Douglas and Elbert counties.
Either prior to or during the tuning we will discover strings missing, broken parts, loose pins or maybe a sticky key you’d like fixed. Here are some examples of work I’ve done.

before jack after jack
The hammer on a grand was hitting the string but not releasing (let-off). A loose wooden part was found in the action that I glued back into position and found other loose parts that were in the process of failing.

keys before peel glue keys after
The keys on an upright had been chipped away by a child playing with his drum sticks on them and by the owners husband filing away some of them. I removed the old tops and front and replaced them with new plastic key tops.

Hang Hammers
Installing a new set of hammers on an action

Smoothing the felt on a brand new Steingraeber piano action during my internship at the factory in Bayreuth, Germany

Paint Key
Repairing worn ebony (sharp) keys

Smoothing out the ‘shims’ used to repair a cracked soundboard