Black Forest Piano Tuning & Repair

Professional piano tuning, repair & refurbishing. Covering El Paso, Douglas and Elbert counties.
Before moving into the field of piano tuning and repair, I began playing piano for enjoyment and relied on a piano technician to maintain my Yamaha grand. When he recommended having the piano ‘regulated’, I said yes, trusting in his professional judgment. What a world of difference that made in the feel, or touch, of the piano. I didn’t know what he did but my enjoyment of playing greatly increased.

Having attended regulation classes in Montana, Arizona, Kansas, Germany and multiple conventions, I understand what regulation is (develop consistency of touch, power and repetition within the piano action) and, having felt that difference as a piano player first, I know how to create that “WOW’ sensation for you.

I truly enjoy regulating a piano action and that goes for upright pianos as well. I have invested hundreds of hours in my education and thousands of dollars in equipment to competently regulate your piano.
Station 1

My Grandwork™ Regulation Station from TPR Tools in Massachusetts. I had the owner and developer, Chris Brown, spend a week with me providing personalized instruction on its use. This regulation station allows me to duplicate the keybed and string height of your piano and make precision adjustments to the action.
Station 2
Checking hammer alignment with the regulation station

Adjusting a new Renner action during my internship at the Steingraeber piano factory in Bayreuth, Germany.

‘Bedding’ the keyframe on a new Steingraeber piano

Regulating an upright action model at the Intermediate & Advanced Training Seminar offered by Randy Potter at the Montana State University School of Music.
37 steps
Attending the week long ’37 Steps’ of regulating class at the Piano Technicians Guild home office in Kansas City, Kansas. The course was formerly known as The Yamaha Little Red Schoolhouse.