Black Forest Piano Tuning & Repair

Professional piano tuning, repair & refurbishing. Covering El Paso, Douglas and Elbert counties.
Reconditioning & Restoration
Reconditioning can involve overall cleaning, regulation and refinish of the case whereas a restoration is a complete overhaul of the piano using mostly the frame and discarding/replacing the rest.

bed before bed after
Here is a good quality Mason & Hamlin upright purchased new in the 1950’s by a musical director for use in her home that was brought into the shop for reconditioning. The keybed and action were cleaned, broken screws replaced, bass strings polished, hammers shaped (which dramatically improved the sound), action regulated and the outside case re-stained.

Ivers & Pond Project
I’m currently working on a major piano restoration of a 1916 Ivers & Pond grand. This piano has been in someone’s garage for the last 20 years, on its side in the condition you see. These types of pianos are worth restoration because of the quality wood frame and steel harp.
Ivers and Pond
Just took delivery, all the ivory has been removed from the keys, casters are missing and there is a crack in the soundboard BUT the frame and harp are solid, built like a tank.
Out comes the action for the first time and I find there are no screws holding ‘the stack’ the iron section that holds the hammers, amazing it even played.

measure1 measure2
Before I take the old strings out, I need to make a ‘pattern’ of the frame to send with the strings for duplication.

Strings and harp removed allowing access to the pinblock (holds the tuning pins in). Look how cracked and damaged this pinblock is, incapable of holding pitch.

Custom fit a new pinblock and now drilling the 228 holes at a 7 degree angle for the tuning pins.

Smoothing the key surface in preparation for new keytops

New Keytops, Before & After

Back from the refinisher, starting to look like a piano once again.