Black Forest Piano Tuning & Repair

Professional piano tuning, repair & refurbishing. Covering El Paso, Douglas and Elbert counties.

Piano Care Brochures
How often should my piano be serviced?
The special care and maintenance of the teaching piano.
How should I take care of my piano?
Basic Rules of Piano Care
Tips on Buying a Piano
Technical Drawings
Vertical action
Grand action
Cutaway view of grand piano
Picture of well-shaped piano hammer
Picture of worn piano hammer
Piano Care Bulletins
Definitions of Rebuilding & Reconditioning
Action Regulation
Pitch Raising
Humidity Control
Voicing (Tone Regulation)
Finish Care
Broken Plate! Who is Responsible? The Plate is the cast iron frame of the piano (some people call it the "harp"). A broken plate is extremely rare but catastrophic for the piano. This article discusses this issue and has a link to a reprint of a whole Piano Technicians Journal issue about the piano plate.
View a YouTube video from the Science Channel that shows how a Mason & Hamlin piano is built.