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Jim Fariss
About Jim Fariss, RPT – My interest in piano work started with the desire to play the piano as an adult and began with an electronic keyboard along with some self study books. After about a year, I was comfortably reading sheet music (easy piano, thank you) and felt the time was right to start practicing on a real piano. I purchased a rebuilt 5’ 3” Yamaha baby grand and what a world of difference that made in my enjoyment of both learning and playing the piano.

Living in Central Australia at the time, there were no piano tuners in the area and had to wait for the visiting tuner. He recommended having the piano “regulated” and installing a Dampp-Chaser system due to the dry desert climate. I didn’t know what regulation was but after he did that the piano sounded wonderful and I really enjoyed the touch of the keys.

Being a retired Aerospace Engineer, I began to wonder how mechanically the piano was put together, how it functioned, why one upright could produce pleasing tones with warmth and fullness and yet a full grand had less than desirable results. Also, just what was regulating anyway?

Since 2006, I've been studying and practicing piano tuning & repair both here in Colorado Springs and in the beautiful countryside of North Yorkshire, England where my lovely wife Sandy and I were fortunate to live for several years. I am the
President of the Colorado Springs Piano Technicians Guild (PTG) chapter as well as a member of the Master Piano Technicians. Having lived in England, I was able to interact and attend conferences of the British counterpart of the PTG, the Pianoforte Tuners' Association. I've had the good fortune to tune and work on many unique style British pianos, some of which have found their way to the United States. I have also interned at the Steingraeber & Söhne factory in Bayreuth, Germany.

As you search for a competent & trusted technician to take care and advise you on your prized family heirloom or that spinet you just got for free from craigslist, having been a piano player first then becoming a technician, my goal is to
listen to what you want from your piano and provide that desire to the best of the pianos ability and within your budget.

I’m very proud of the feedback I’ve received and encourage you to review those comments by clicking on the
Read Verified Reviews below. If you’re ready to get your piano not only in tune but playing the way you want, including fixing those ‘sticky’ keys, it’s easy to book online and pick the date and time convenient to you.

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